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How Smart Glass Works?

Technology has changed the way that we function. We see this in our daily lives with the use of cellular and solar technology. We can see this in our architecture as well. With the use of smart glass we can create new multi-functional spaces. There has always been a high value on space; what is this new technology and how can it help you maximize your world?

Smart Glass: more than a pane of glass this is a structure in which liquid crystal molecules are surrounded by electroconductive foil and suspended between two thin glass panes. The foil controls how the crystal molecules are arranged. The crystal molecules can be set so that they either let light pass through the two panes of glass or they appear opaque.

Not only is this new glass amazing to look at, it is functional in your home or office. This technology can be used in many ways to increase your quality of life.

In windows to eliminate the use of curtains and lower the dust mite count in your home leaving you with cleaner air.
Electrically switchable for ease of different settings.
Low-maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying your home than cleaning it.
Maximize space while maintaining the ability to make a public space private.
In an Office: You can have the look of an open office while still being able to have private meetings. Utilize smart glass technology as walls for cubicles which can remain transparent when not in use and quickly turn opaque when the need for discretion is called for.

At Home: Use smart glass walls to frame a dining room. You can look out at your backyard on nice evenings. However, if you are looking to add privacy from the neighbors you can do so with the touch of a button. In a family room a smart glass wall can create a window when translucent or projection screen when opaque.

For Special Collections: If you have a favorite collection house it in a case made of glass. You will be able to see your treasured items when the glass is transparent and protect them from deterioration by the sun by making the glass opaque. In this application your collection and the glass become art.

Smart glass technology is part of the new era of architecture, chosen for both the efficiency of its use and its design aesthetic.

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