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In its traditional meaning, a pet is an animal that you keep to care for and feed. It is also your responsibility to fulfill its needs like affection because you are its master. 

And in return, your pets are the ones responsible for giving you a happier home by their mere happy presence.

Unknowingly, they also are there to help relieve you of stress and helping you relate to others by its interaction. 

Pets may not be something you can buy over the counter but they are indeed very helpful in relieving stress. In fact, they have been approved by the medical community to be such and such as a scientific basis already. 

Walking your pet, especially your dogs, is a form of exercise and it helps you get your needed fresh air. Social interaction is also improved because pet lovers love to shares ideas and tips with each other on how to be better masters.

Pets have special characteristic that make humans drawn to them. Their playful attitude, loyalty and sometimes their attractive appearance is enough to charm people's hearts. 

According to a study done, the most kept pet there is are birds rather than dogs which is what you may be thinking right now. 

The lovable dogs just come next. Fishes are also some of the well-loved pets.

Having a pet around is truly beneficial. However, it also has its share of disadvantages. Pets can cause allergies or it can aggravate allergic conditions of its master and that is usually caused by their feathers and furs. 

Parasites like lice and other diseases can also be brought about by pets which have medical problems. Having pets can also mean having a big cut from your finances because of the food you give to them and the regular visits to the veterinary.

With these disadvantages, a very adorable pet robot is making waves in the market nowadays. Popularly known as Gupi, this robot is designed so you will feel that you actually have a pet in your homes - a robot pet, that is. Gupi reacts, responds and even has 30 different sounds that they use to converse with you. 

This pet's intelligence is because of the built-in sensors found in its eyes and legs. These sensors are also responsible for this wonderful feat - this pet robot can wander inside your home, avoid crashing with anything, does not fall off tables and even manages to get out of a maze.

Toy robots are indeed adorable. 

Gupi guinea pig has a soft furry cover and has the ability to recognize other Gupis and even gets hungry too! But the good thing with this pet is he can eat on his own and find his carrot-shaped charger when he gets "hungry". 

Gupi has a rechargeable battery and the carrot-charger runs with three LR44 batteries.

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