1. What is www.e-tv.in all about? 
    It is a news/ tv blog where we publish news related content. 

  2. Who can publish news or media on www.e-tv.in?
    Anyone, if you want to publish your content on our website, simply contact us. And we will provide you author access. ( Only original and relevant news or TV media content is allowed to publish here. ) 

  3. How you can gather information or news content?
    Most of our news content is published by guest authors, who write and publish the news articles. And TV and news channels are good source of information for our blog posts. ( Read disclaimer before you fully take any action on our news updates. ) 

  4. Can we advertise on www.e-tv.in? 
    Yes, please contact us and send your details. 

  5. Do you use third party promotions or affiliate products? 
    Yes, read our policy page. 

  6. Cheers!

Disclaimer- This is a personal news blog website, not associated with any news company or organization. Domain Name is good and relevant, so used. 

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