How to Bath Without Getting Wet?

 How to Bath Without Getting Wet?

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How to Bath Without Getting Wet?

Best thing about bathing without water is - you don't get wet. 
Wow! funny but yes, it is possible. 

And you can bath without getting wet. How?

Let's read ...

Mostly people enjoy seating in the bath tub for hours and love being in water, right? Even when we were child, we used to bath for more time and felt great. 
Now, let's know about this new thing for many people - How to Bath Without Getting Wet?

I call it water less bathing, and it is really fun. 

Take a bottle of unscented lotion and pour it into your palm. 

Now, gently grab your favorite essential oil and add few drops to glob. You can now rub your hands in order to mix the lotion and the oil and then start massaging kind of thing all over your body. 

Best time to do this is in the morning when you are nake*d or getting ready for work. 

How do you do a waterless bath?

How do you take a shower without water?

This is a common navy practice when people take a shower without water. 

Did you know about this before? Taking a Navy shower. Taking a Navy Shower. Turn the shower on for 25 seconds. Turn on the water long enough to just get yourself wet, about 25 seconds. And please make sure you get your hair and whole body wet in this amount of time, then shut the shower off.
And how did you experience this, let us know in the comment.

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