5+ Reasons Some Won't Address Climate Change!

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One of the most - concerning things, and most - frustrating ones, about the state of this nation's politics, and public - discourse, is, the degree of partisanship, even, when an issue, if, left - unaddressed, in a well - considered, timely manner, has, potentially, dire ramifications! 

In recent times, we have witnessed, perhaps, the greater degree of partisan politics, we have seen, in recent memory! 

Even, when it seems, to be, common sense, and should not be a political issue, it is made one! 

When, nearly all climate scientists, and experts/ professionals, inform us, the risks are, not only, real, but, urgent, we still, see little, achieved! 

Why won't elected officials, and politicians, address climate change, sooner, rather than later, when it may be, too late? 

If, we won't focus on a realistic, path - forward, on something, as urgent, as this, when will we? 

With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 possible reasons/ explanations, why, some won't address it, now.

Conspiracy theories/ denials

When conspiracy theorists, seem to have, some theory, about, why, something happens, what good, does that serve? 

Instead of taking viable actions, too often, politicians spend more time, covering - their - personal preferences, and popularity, using empty promises, and rhetoric, as well as denials, blaming and complaining, and refuse to serve, the greater good! 

We really should wonder, why, the American public, either, doesn't recognize it, refuses to face - the - facts, and realizing the potential harmful ramifications of procrastination, when timely action, is needed!

Afraid to commit

Too many elected officials, and/ or, those seeking office, seem to be afraid to commit to anything, especially, when it may not be politically - expedient!

Don't consider it a true priority

If, any of these individuals, don't consider Climate Change, to be a top priority, which needs, meaningful - addressing, in a well - considered, timely way, they shouldn't be, in their positions, because their actions (or lack of), are indicative of faulty perceptions, priorities, and reality!

Economic greed

Perhaps, the major cause of doing, nothing, of - consequence, is, economic greed! 

Obviously, achieving ideals, must include, reducing carbon - impacts, which, means, using, far - fewer, fossil fuels, and depending, to a greater degree, on sustainable solutions, etc! 

We must not permit greed, and/ or, self - interest, and/ or, any personal/ political agenda, to endanger our nation, and the planet!

Personal/ political agenda/ self - interest

When will we, stop, allowing, personal/ political agendas, and self - interests, to permit, potentially - dangerous ramifications/ impacts?

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Bonus : Procrastination: As, we often witness, procrastination is a harmful behavior, which brings about, potentially - avoidable ramifications, when, needed actions, in a well - considered, timely manner, are the best, and smartest, path - forward!

Denying Climate Change, won't make it, go - away! Wake up, America, and demand, viable actions, before, it's too late!

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