How to Increase Platelets?

 How to Increase Platelets?

How To Increase Platelet Count Begins With Understanding Underlying Factors To Low Platelets

Thousands of people ask How To Increase Platelet Count daily. Most seek help from their doctors but many times, even while undergoing treatment they are still searching for answers. 

This is because standard medical treatments don't always produce results and can be scary. 

In fact many treatments, like the ones that administer powerful prescription drugs can have terrible side effects. Many seek to lessen or avoid these side effects all together.

Other treatments such as spleen removal can be risky and can only temporally solve the problem. 

Most see only temporarily results then the body finds other ways to destroy platelets and one is back where they started minus their spleen.

I am not saying that a doctor is useless, to the contrary, the help of a medical professional is very important and without one you would most definitely be in the dark. Just monitoring progress using blood test is worth its weight in gold. 

Also a doctor can help you to explore all the options available as far as medical treatment and make a wise decision as to what treatment is best for you. 

If you are in an emergency situation with platelets lower than 40,000 a doctor is especially needed to make sure they don't go any lower.

However you need to be proactive when it comes to your health. You need to be an active participant and look for alternatives your doctor has not been trained to consider.

 Alternative methods can turn things around and get your body back on tract to producing more platelets. It all comes down to treating causes instead of symptoms. 

If you can figure out what is upsetting the balance of platelet production then you can take measures to correct things without wasting your time.

Here are four ways your body can destroy platelets and identifying the one affecting you improves your chances of deciding on a treatment that will get positive results.

1.Platelets being oxidized by free radicals.

This can be because of poor diet and other bad habits. Life style changes and nutritional supplements should be considered.

2.Platelets being destroyed by the immune system.

A confused immune system or an auto immune disease can attack platelets thinking they are invaders. Identifying triggers such as chemical exposures, allergies or sensitivities and avoiding them will help. Also looking into herbs that are "modulators" of the immune system can produce positive results.

3.Platelets being destroyed by the spleen.

This is usually linked to #2 and can be dealt with in the same manner. Doctors will suggest spleen removal but this should be avoided since the spleen has many valuable functions and surgery is a decision that can't be undone.

4.Low bone marrow production not keeping up with normal replacement needs.

This can be a signature of a serious problem such as leukemia or other cancer and platelet stimulating drugs may be necessary. 

However nutritional deficiencies can also be part of the problem. Blood builders and other supplements can have positive results.

Not everyone's situation is the same and you will have to tailor your treatment to your specific needs. Once you have an idea of what causes your low counts you will better know How To Increase Platelet Count using less invasive all natural methods. 

Educating yourself is the key. Be an active participant in your overall health.

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