Create Your Own Web Series

 Wow! is it possible?

You can Create Your Own Web Series.

Creating your own web series is challenging, yet rewarding. 

It will help you when you are trying to learn how to sell a screenplay to a studio. 

It will be a creative endeavor that will help you learn much about production and you can also market it yourself online.

 There are several pros to undertaking this process, which include, but are not limited to:

1. The fact that literally every other aspect of the production is up to you and the other producers - you answer to no one.

2. The fact that there is censorship (outside of nu*) on the internet, so you can say whatever you want.


Understand though that this is not all fun and games - even though the episodes should only be 2-10 minutes long. 

You need to be able to release content every week for several weeks at a time - otherwise, you risk losing your audience if they have to wait too long in between episodes. 

Have you ever gotten really annoyed when your favorite show goes on a mid-season break and then struggled to remember what happened a few months ago when it comes back? 

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The same rules apply for web series - remember that the entire model for this is based on television, so keep that in mind as you move along and learn more about how to sell a screenplay to a studio.

Not only does each episode need to have a beginning, middle, and end, but you should also have, if possible, a continuous through arc that runs throughout the season - that way, people who have watched the whole thing from beginning to end are rewarded for their loyalty, while people who have never seen it before won't have trouble joining the series later on in the game.

Also, don't forget the social media aspect of this - once it's done and posted on YouTube or Vimeo, post it on your Facebook and have all of your cast and crew do the same - the whole point of this is to gain the attention of producers, so let them know that you're out there! 

Remember, the whole point of this thing is that you are learning how to sell a screenplay to a studio, and in order to do that, you have to get the attention of Hollywood!

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