The world is full of celebrations. How delightful is this thought that we can easily have a way to add some positivity in our lives and have a little smile on our face through the festivals that arouse our hope a little more. Christmas is one of the most exuberant festivals we can ever think about. The picture of Christmas tree and Santa Claus splashes out whenever i think about this festival but today i want to talk more than the celebration.

25 December, The world congregates at different places but on same time .We all know our day is incomplete without  celebration and a delicious cake. We can make this day more joyful by doing a worship and have a positive thought.

 The every day when the sun makes you realize that your hope is still alive and so as a candle do when you worship. but Why the day is so special? Why we worship to Jesus Christ ?And how can we have the faith in god and in ourselves? For that understanding we have to connect ourselves with their story .

why the day is celebrated and who is Jesus Christ

Christmas is celebrated for the birth of Jesus Christ or son of the God. The story of  their life is written in bible .That part of story is called Gospels. Jesus Christ's real name was Yeshiva . Then Greek translation and English spell made it Jesus. Jesus's father name was joseph who was a carpenter and mother marry. when romans were ruling in the middle east that time the young woman marry was pregnant .They had to find a place to hide so the man joseph and his wife marry went Bethlehem .A place where Jesus Christ was born.

That time an angel came to them and said that their child is son of the god. The angle also said some shepherds in the field that they will  get soon a new king. All shepherds came to visit the new born baby called him Jesus.

how was Jesus Christ's journey and how they became supreme being

We do not have prefect source about his early life but as 
soon as Jesus get older he became a healer. After fasting 40 days they started teaching to their disciples. They taught Judaism to the people of Israel.

Romans was ruling the country and they always afraid of Jews revolution .When some of the fundamentalist opposed Jesus and complaint to the roman king Pilate. Then the king sentenced Jesus to death on cross. Jesus died on the cross but prayed to lord to take upon all sins of people. According to the gospel in bible after three days of his death Jesus rose back and went to heaven .His 12 disciples spread the religion all over the world.

Faith in God and it will teach you how to have faith in yourself

Worship is one of the ways of having faith in yourself. By learning this we can make our life more beautiful and worthful. On the day Christmas let's make a life for others so by their blessing we can have more positivity in our life .


Merry Christmas to all of us

Brightness of the candle and charmness of the tree only teach us that life is full of aspirations and happiness . And this is the same that Jesus Christ taught their disciples .
let's make the day different and blessed .

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