How tv advertising industry works

India is the most fastest developing industry in advertising about 62,577 crore at the end of 2021 and is likely to grow 70,343 crore at the end of 2022. A high share of television made it its own. Despite this platform like Netflix, Hotstar, Facebook ads and etc that can be used in mobile phones are also growing fast in this industry. 

Starting next March, all French car ads must include a message promoting other modes, such as "For short journeys, opt for walking or cycling" or "In everyday life, take public transit."

Applies across TV, print, radio, internet, etc.

— David Zipper (@DavidZipper) December 30, 2021

These Platforms are called digital platform and digital advertising industries are giving competition in term of revenue.
Advertisements are the most effective way to sell your product and let people know about you and your business. Tv ads has a limit to show most of the content in about 30-60 second. If  a company or brand wants to get more profit and sell their product they usually promote the product and advertising is the way of promotion of their brand but remember every advertisement has a specific value in terms of money according to a company's budget.

How Tv ads work? How to work on creation of brand presence. A successful advertising result has some factors including how many people see it or we can say how many times it being shown. 

The big question is do facebook ads really work? Yes people click on them and see what are they about .The reason behind this is most of those people who want to purchase something or they are more serious about watch the ads most. 

How can you create a good brand presence?
There are three terms that create a brand presence , lets' understand that term one by one.

1) The first one is a consultant
Who is a consultant and how he works for an advertisement

To promote your product through advertisement you should know what the audience exactly want. You have to good at people.
A consultant is who works at media planning and marketing evolution. He provides you expert's opinion and consult with organisation that publish your ads. Basically a consultant make your company more familiar with other agencies and help the plans into focus.

So a consultant officially works for you. 

Remember every brand or company wants to sell their product at best but they have a limit of time of each advertisement and they should be in their budget.

2) Art and graphic designer 
They are responsible for all the designing of the advertisement such as the logo .Usually graphic designer work for paints, photography, text font and colour as well as letterforms to make typefaces . Creativity is the best thing a graphic and art designer should have.  This means not just use of images and art but also know about his tools.

An artistically graphic designer should be with an out of box thinking. 

3) What is the role of copywriter in an advertisement

He/she creates a convincing and composes content for the media. The work of  a copywriter is he research on the concept, analysing and optimising and they collaborating with people

These days advertisers give words for their product on digital media rather than on tv. The local tv advertisers make about $5-$10 per 1000 viewers.

Ways you can buy tv ads through
Following are the ways you can buy tv ads, it requires knowing your customer and making cat's whisker in just a limited time.

1) First you have to identify your target.
2) try to contact a local stations near by and ask them to start the process.
3) look for shows that will help you to target your market.

Advertisers are targeting younger audiences who are taking interest in watching their entertainment through mobile phones rather than on tv. And because of this digital media will continue give competition to tv screen.

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