Both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca jabs are highly effective against the Indian Covid-19 variant, according to a Public Health England study. 

Two doses of either vaccine were shown to provide protection against symptomatic disease and would prevent hospitalisation and death.

Do you think this is going to end in some good?

Covid 19 cases are already not in control, and this year has already shown us many bad news. Hope you all are safe and doing great. Are you dong work from home

Is it okay with you ? 

And your family. 


Let's face it - even before the news of Pfizer acquiring Wyeth, the Pharma industry had changed forever. Once a nearly recession-proof industry assured of double-digit annual growth, the industry is now one of mass survival, where news of "yet another Pfizer layoff" is hardly met with much surprise.


Whether you've already been caught in the crosshairs of a Pfizer layoff, or you feel you're just about to, it's likely time to get serious about what you may want to do next. For some, this is a stressful time. Big Pharma is all they know, and they are worried that because of the changing landscape, they won't be able to find work in the industry again.


Others however, see the potential of a Pfizer layoff much, much differently. And so can you.


Thousands of former Pharmas are going to be using their time off to research ways to generate multiple streams of income for themselves, as well as reassess their priorities for how they are deciding to live their lives.


Here are 2 radical examples of things people are doing with their time off to allow themselves to make it through the recession happier, healthier, and wealthier on the other side:


1) Start an online business (even without an idea for one)


Contrary to popular belief, starting a business during a recession is actually one of the best times to do so. And while the world seems like it's crumbling all around us, the Internet isn't going out of business any time soon.


People are making a killing on the Internet, routinely pulling in over $1,000 / day or more. But it's not just the founders of Google or some technical whiz that lucked into a million dollar idea, and it's not as if you're getting in "too late" to the online game. Did you know that 1,000's of companies will actually pay you to start a business promoting their offerings? It's true - check out a site called Wealthy Affiliate to see how the Internet Marketing industry can help you make several times your Pharma income from the comfort of your own home, just by understanding how sites like Google, Yahoo and MSN work. You don't even need any technical knowledge, as they walk you through techniques step by step.


But what if you COULD get your income on auto-pilot? What would you do then?


2) Take a mini-retirement (not just a vacation)


It's funny that most people, when asked what they would do if they had all the time in the world, tend to say they would like to "travel". Yet when they have the time, the focus shifts to money so quickly that they forget that their time is often more valuable.


Some feel this stems from the false notion that a mini-retirement is a "vacation" that you should save up for, rather than a "sabbatical" that you can use to recharge the batteries for the next phase of your career, and actually make money while you're doing it.


If you haven't read the book "4 Hour Work Week" yet by Tim Ferris, you really should. You'll see how he was able to actually save over $30,000 during phases where he was travelling all over the world.


No, it's not a scam, and yes it can be done.




Think of it this way: rather than dwelling on the bad news, a Pfizer layoff and fewer prospects within Big Pharma may mean that you now have a blank slate to create the kind of lifestyle that you always wanted to pursue - but this time on your own terms.


One thing is for certain: there is life After Pharma.




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