Google Privacy by design at I/O Conference


Parts of Google’s I/O developer conference Tuesday could have been downloaded from an Apple event. Speakers touted such privacy features as on-device processing of sensitive data, browser blocking of web tracking, and alerts of smartphone apps using the camera or microphone.


"We strictly uphold responsible data practices so every product we build is private by design,” said Google CEO Sundar Pichai in the opening keynote. "And we create easy-to-use privacy and security settings, so you are in control."


But where Apple’s business is selling hardware and services, Google makes most of its money from online advertising – a field that’s traditionally involved tracking people. So at this year’s online-only I/O, Google had a tricky balance to maintain in its messaging.


“We are safeguarding users' privacy, but we are still driving value to advertisers,” translated analyst Carolina Milanesi, president and principal analyst of Creative Strategies.


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The Privacy Dashboard feature, part of Android 12,  a revision of Google’s mobile operating system due later this year.

The privacy changes look most striking in Android 12, a revision of Google’s mobile operating system due later this year. It will bring a “Privacy Dashboard” that itemizes apps’ appetites for data over time, Google’s included.


An onscreen warning – like in Apple’s iOS 14 – will highlight when any app uses the camera or microphone, while the Quick Settings menu that’s a swipe away from any screen will include kill-switch controls to disable those components. And you’ll be able to share only your approximate location with an app instead of precise coordinates. See Also - Tech News


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