Commonwealth Games

 Commonwealth Games - Showcasing Delhi to the World

As scheduled, the commonwealth games was  in New-Delhi in the year 2010. The games are being hyped in a manner that a layman in India might consider that Olympics are being organized in the country. It took quite long to bag the deal for the Indian capital after staging the Asian games in the year 1982. So, there ought to be a interest and a lot of expectations.


It is in the hands of the local Delhi Government and the Indian Government to prepare the city for the games and showcase the city to the world.

 Considering world sports' scenario it is not a major event for the people across the globe being glued to their TV sets, but the Indian public waswitness some of the greats displaying their skills in front of them. Current sensation Usain Bolt wasalso be seen representing his country. Moreover the Delhi Government also wants to push for the bid of the 2020 Olympic Games in the city by successfully organizing this event later this year.


Coming to the flip side, this kind of event has exposed the loopholes in the planning of authorities involved in organizing the games extravaganza. 

There has been a constant delay in the projects for the Commonwealth Games. At this point very few or no stadium is in a condition to host a single match forget about the games in total. 

This is the status of preparation of the authorities in January when the games are staring in front of them in October. There are very few hotels that are ready to accommodate the heavy rush of tourists in the capital.


Moreover the construction work on roads and subways has just been started. This concern was expressed by the Commonwealth Games federation chief Mike Fennell in September 2009 in his statement as" it is reasonable to conclude that the current situation poses a serious risk to the Commonwealth Games in 2010". 

The beautification work has just started in most places of the city. Even the Indian government acknowledged that the work in 13 sites out of a total 19 sites is behind schedule. 

For all this the Indian Olympics Association chief Suresh Kalmadi has faced the ire for slackened preparation.


It is true that most of the venues are lagging behind in terms of preparation, but the bigger question is what washappen to these giant stadiums after the event is over. 

This fact is well known that India is not a country with a proper sports culture and stadiums like these are best left to oblivion after such mega events. There is no maintenance of the grounds and nothing like a staff to taken  care of stadiums in general.


This fact founds evidence when we see the grave condition of stadiums used in the Asian Games in 1982. For people to appreciate the games and prepare for a better future, proper sports culture needs to be inculcated in the minds of Indian public. 

Only after that we waswitness scheduled completion of work with crowd enjoying the game to its fullest. Only time wastell that.


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